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Bring Your Leadership and Passion to our Club!


We take pride in the efforts we have taken to continue to grow and enhance our club and its membership. We strive to include a diverse membership. Current club members span across many professional classifications and include many business owners and public affairs senior staff members. We seek to include the following member profiles:


A person who has interest in performing community service including at least one of the below:

  • Engaged as a CEO, proprietor, partner, corporate officer or manager of any worthy and recognized business or profession

  • Retired from a worthy and recognized business or profession, including any branch of the armed forces of the United States

  • A community leader who has demonstrated through personal involvement in community affairs a commitment to service

  • Has sufficient capability to meet financial requirements of membership (initiation, quarterly dues and lunch meals)

  • Members are expected to annually contribute to our local projects and The Rotary Foundation.


Other Requirements


  • Not belong to any other service organization or another Rotary club

  • Have control over his/her calendar and strive to meet a minimum of 50% attendance at our weekly meetings

  • Know other club members

  • Active participation in at least one of our club committees


Membership is by invitation and requires two sponsors currently within our club and are subject to the recommendation of the Membership and Review Committees and the approval by the San Juan Capistrano Rotary Board of Directors.


Who should consider becoming a member of Rotary?


A primary consideration on the part of a potential candidate is that he/she is a participating self-starter. We seek as members adults who adhere to strong ethical standards, have good reputations and are established professionals who have demonstrated leadership in their business and community activities.  Most are engaged as proprietors, partners, corporate officers or senior level managers in a recognized business or profession.