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Bootstrap Marketing

Note: This also applies to small business startups.

Guerrilla Marketing is a concept first put forth by Jay Levinson, an ad executive who had helped developed such memorable and iconic campaigns as Marlboro Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, United airlines Fly the friendly skies, Tony the Tiger, and Allstate's Good Hands. It's described as unconventional marketing tools used in cases with limited resources. It's about making a big splash with minimal resources. Or to put it more simply, "punching above your weight." Here are some tactics and ideas:

Guerrilla Marketing

Social Media Blitz: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your club's projects, events, and impact. Share engaging stories, photos, and videos to attract attention and inspire action.

Street Art Stencils: Get permission to create temporary chalk or spray paint stencils promoting your club's message on sidewalks or walls in high-traffic areas. Make sure it's eye-catching and includes contact information.

Flash Mobs: Organize spontaneous, choreographed performances in public spaces that highlight your club's mission and projects. Invite local media to cover the event for extra exposure.

Community Challenges: Create fun challenges or scavenger hunts related to your club's initiatives and encourage community participation. Offer prizes or recognition for winners who complete the challenges.

Inviting Influential People to Participate

Attracting influential individuals to your projects can lend credibility and amplify your impact. Here's how to get them on board:

Personalized Invitations: Reach out directly to influential community leaders, business owners, and public figures with personalized invitations to participate in your club's projects or events. Highlight the mutual benefits of collaboration and emphasize the positive impact their involvement could have on the community.

Networking Events: Host networking events or luncheons specifically tailored to attract influential individuals. Provide opportunities for them to learn about your club's initiatives and engage in meaningful conversations with current members.

Recognition Programs: Establish recognition programs to honor community leaders who have made significant contributions to Rotary's mission or have demonstrated a commitment to service. Publicly acknowledge their efforts and invite them to become more involved with your club.

Identifying Potential New Customers or Members

Expanding your business or club is crucial for sustainability and growth. Here are some effective ways to identify potential customers/clients/members:

Community Outreach: Attend local events, fairs, and festivals to connect with individuals who share your values and may be interested in joining or helping. Set up a booth or table to provide information about your business/club and its activities.

Referral Program: Encourage current clients/members to actively recruit new people by offering incentives or rewards for successful referrals. Provide resources and support to help them identify potential candidates within their personal and professional networks.

Online Presence: Optimize your website and social media profiles to attract potential customers or members who are searching for ways to get involved in their community. Use targeted advertising to reach specific demographics or interest groups.

By implementing these guerrilla marketing tactics, engaging influential individuals, and actively seeking out potential new customers or members, you can elevate your profile, expand your impact, and continue to make a meaningful difference in the world. Remember, the key to success lies in creativity, persistence, and a shared commitment to service and fellowship.


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