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More Graduations - Less Funerals

With teen overdoses and Fentanyl poisoning up over 1,000% in the past few years, our youth need us now more than ever.

Our work at California Youth Services, along with our District’s work at RYLA, continues to be critical in changing lives. We do whatever it takes to continue saving the lives of our youth — and thanks to supporters such as you, our kids are never alone…they have our CYS professionals to help them navigate through challenging times.

California Youth Services must be stronger than ever to ensure kids achieve their dreams of tomorrow.

Please help us expand our programs to serve more kids with greater impact.

Our youth need us to exceed the goal we set for ourselves in fundraising so we can save more lives.

We really need your help!

On behalf of our at-risk youth, CYS professionals, board members and families, I want to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Mike Darnold

CYS Board Chair

Past District Governor

RYLA Chair


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