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Peace through friendship

A Rotary Global Scholar

Let's reimagine a world where peace isn't merely an aspiration but a vibrant reality, woven together by the unbreakable bonds of friendship. This was the dream that inspired Paul P. Harris, a young professional himself, to establish Rotary in 1905 - anchoring it on the unwavering belief that friendship is the cornerstone of any meaningful community effort.

Harris's vision shone as a beacon through the tumultuous darkness of two World Wars, underscoring the resilience of Rotary's ideals. Even as the world descended into chaos, Rotarians maintained connections across enemy lines, embodying the principle that genuine friendships could bridge even the deepest chasms of conflict, paving the way for reconciliation, understanding, and ultimately, peace.

Today, Rotary's steadfast commitment to nurturing friendships has powered countless initiatives that inspires young leaders and change-makers. Rotary Youth Exchange breaks down cultural barriers, fostering a global understanding and lasting bonds among youth from over 100 countries. PolioPlus, Rotary's flagship program, has united over a million members across the globe in a shared mission to eradicate polio and provide healthier futures for children everywhere.

Rotary's impact extends far beyond just these programs. Through Rotary Global Scholarships, young professionals are empowered to pursue graduate studies related to solving humanitarian issues, developing leadership skills to drive meaningful change. And Rotary Peace Fellowships provide academic training to young leaders devoted to preventing and resolving conflict, equipping the next generation with the tools to build a more peaceful world.

Rotary is a powerful story of ordinary individuals achieving the extraordinary by living the ideal of "Service Above Self." It's a shining example of what can be accomplished when people from diverse backgrounds come together, bound by a shared vision of peace, understanding, and a brighter future for all humanity.

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May 20
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Great organization

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