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Religion & Politics

Visitors to a Rotary club often ask about how differences such as religions and politics are resolved. Rotary International, known for its commitment to service and humanitarian efforts, stands as a beacon of unity in an ever more divisive world. We thrive on our neutral stance on religion and politics, creating a platform where every member, regardless of their background, can unite for a common cause: Service Above Self.

Religious neutrality in Rotary doesn't disregard faith; it respects all. It champions the idea that, although our beliefs may differ, we can work together to make the world a better place. This acceptance fosters a culture of understanding and respect among members from various faiths and beliefs. For example, in Israel, a peace education program led by Arik Gutler Ofir, a former Rotary Peace Fellow, brought 50 teenagers together. Half were Jewish, the other half Arab. When asked to identify how they were different, none of them mentioned that obvious distinction. When asked why, they said "We are all human."

Rotary's non-partisan policy maintains that real change transcends political boundaries. It encourages members to focus on service and humanity, rather than being swayed by political affiliations. While individual Rotarians may engage politically, Rotary itself stays clear of political endorsement or involvement.

In Rotary, the focus is not on what divides us, but on what unites us. Its stand on religion and politics fosters unity and collaboration, transcending barriers, and building bridges. Inspired by diversity, guided by shared values, Rotary continues to light the way, contributing positively to communities and lives across the globe.

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This message is definitely the 'need of the hour' ... lets build human-ity in Community

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