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What we do

With a rich legacy of notable achievements since its founding, San Juan Capistrano Rotary has evolved into a prominent service organization in San Juan Capistrano, California. Our members persistently embody the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self."


Community Service


Dating back to 1937, San Juan Capistrano Rotary has consistently led efforts to support the local community. Our impact extends from enhancing local schools to collecting food for needy families to distributing Christmas presents for local children. Notably, our literacy initiatives have had a remarkable influence, helping both children and adults refine their reading abilities and cultivate a passion for literature.


International Service


San Juan Capistrano Rotary's influence goes beyond its local community, as we actively partake in international service missions. The club contributes to global endeavors such as polio eradication and clean water projects in developing nations, addressing the urgent needs of sanitation and hygiene for global health.


In commitment to healthcare accessibility, we collaborate with Dental Care for Children, an Orange County non-profit organization. Together, we sponsor dental and vision care clinics for children in and around Ensenada, Mexico, delivering essential services to communities that would otherwise lack such care.


Further, in association with Corazón, a non-profit committed to community building and transforming lives, our Rotarian members build homes for deserving families near Tecate, Mexico.


Vocational Service


San Juan Capistrano Rotarians place high emphasis on upholding ethical standards in all professions. We have initiated programs that offer mentorship to emerging professionals, nurturing leadership abilities and ethical business principles.


Youth Programs


San Juan Capistrano Rotary has made considerable progress in supporting San Juan Capistrano's younger generation. Our 'Interact' club, designed for youth aged 12-18, provides avenues for leadership development and community service. Additionally, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), an intensive training program, nurtures servant leadership and equips students to positively impact their communities.


One of the club's notable contributions is the Rotary Scout Hut, a multipurpose facility supporting various Scouting groups. It provides a platform for young scouts to acquire essential life skills, fostering a sense of adventure, collaboration, and community service. The Scout Hut also hosts English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, serving as a vital resource for residents seeking to enhance their language skills and opportunities.


Environmental Stewardship


San Juan Capistrano Rotary has exhibited a growing dedication to environmental stewardship in recent years. We sponsor local beach and park cleanups, initiates tree-planting campaigns, and supports conservation efforts at local, national, and international levels.




Through its annual fundraising events, San Juan Capistrano Rotary generates substantial funds for various initiatives. Events such as the 'Rotary Car Show', the Adventure Van Expo, and the annual Golf Tournament not only encourage community engagement but also provide crucial financial support for numerous impactful projects locally and overseas.


The accomplishments of San Juan Capistrano Rotary bear witness to our unwavering dedication to service, aligning with the broader objectives of Rotary International. We've catalyzed tangible change both locally and globally, reflecting the enduring commitment of the San Juan Capistrano community to bettering their world.

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