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CYS - Saving Our Youth

The Resilient Mission of California Youth Services: Protecting, Empowering, and Inspiring Youth

There are thousands of nonprofits across the globe, each attempting to tackle various issues and make the world a better place. Some of these organizations focus on the environment, others on poverty, and still others on education. Yet, there are some that hold a particular importance due to the vital role they play in shaping the future. One such organization supported by San Juan Capistrano Rotary is California Youth Services (CYS), a nonprofit that's committed to the development, welfare, and empowerment of the young population, offering them a brighter, more hopeful path forward.

Established in 1991, CYS has dedicated more than three decades to its cause: to assist the youth in navigating the complex challenges they often face. Their work revolves around advocating for and protecting young people, helping them establish solid foundations for their futures.

A Comprehensive Approach to Youth Welfare

What sets CYS apart is its comprehensive approach to youth welfare. The organization understands that the problems faced by young people are multifaceted and interconnected. Therefore, they employ a broad range of services to address these challenges.

These services include mental health counseling, substance abuse prevention and education, diversion and intervention programs designed for middle and high school students. This extensive suite of programs and services demonstrates their commitment to tackling youth issues from all angles, providing young people with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and foster resilience.

Mental Health: A Cornerstone of the CYS Mission

One of the most crucial services provided by CYS is mental health counseling. The mental well-being of young people is an area often neglected, and CYS is working to change this narrative. Their team of professional counselors offer one-on-one counseling sessions, family therapy, and group therapy, providing vital support to young people dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

Substance abuse and addiction are significant problems in many societies, and young people are often the most vulnerable. CYS aims to proactively combat this issue through education and prevention. They conduct workshops and seminars that educate young people about the risks of substance abuse, fostering a culture of informed choices and healthy behaviors.

Juvenile Crime Diversion and Intervention

CYS's Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Education (JADE) and First Offender programs play a crucial role in reducing juvenile crime rates. They focus on early intervention and education as a means to prevent the development of a criminal career. These programs not only offer second chances to young people who have made mistakes, but they also ensure they receive the education and support needed to prevent re-offending.

A Beacon of Hope

The work being done by CYS is a beacon of hope for many young people. Their dedication to addressing the challenges faced by youth, their commitment to providing comprehensive support, and their investment in the potential of young people make them an invaluable part of society.

As we move into an increasingly uncertain future, the role of organizations like CYS becomes ever more critical. Their commitment to the well-being, growth, and potential of young people is a testament to the belief that every young person deserves a chance to thrive and succeed, and that with the right support and guidance, they can overcome any challenge they face.

In conclusion, California Youth Services represents an unwavering commitment to the safety, protection, and development of our youth. Their multifaceted approach ensures comprehensive care, making a lasting positive impact on the lives of young individuals, their families, and society at large. It is through the meaningful work of such organizations that we can hope for a brighter, more promising future for the generations to come.


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