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Flower Power

SJC Interact students help build the 2023 Rotary Rose Parade float.

Seventeen students (freshman to seniors) from San Juan Hills High School Interact and AVID clubs helped build the Rotary Rose Parade float. Mike Darnold, Darrell Paulk and Patty Paulk drove the students from the SJC Rotary Scout Hut. Departing at 6AM Saturday they drove to the Phoenix Float Builders decorating site in Irwindale where 28 other floats were being decorated.

For six hours, our students cut and placed thousands of roses, mums, moss, and berries on the Rotary float. They finished the float so quickly that the team helped build the Trader Joe's and other floats with budding iris and placing them in vials to be used on other floats.

The Phoenix floral designers and supervisors were overwhelmed with the meticulous detail and precision of our student's work. Our kids worked on the float for the honor and privilege to be a part of the Rotary experience (not community service hours).


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