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Great Opportunities

SJC Youth Chair Mike Darnold presents a check to Eric Gross, founder of Great Opportunities.

Great Opportunities (GO), a 501c3 non-profit, was founded to expose under-served and at-risk youths to the opportunities of outdoor recreation, as a means to enrich their lives and introduce them to environmental practices and recreational activities in an aquatic environment. GO has continued and expanded upon that concept, since its founding in 2002.

Over 3000 youth, ages 4-18, have opened the door of “possibilities” through GO’s programs. Participating youth expand their knowledge of, competence in, and exposure to aquatic environment experiences, and are empowered to develop leadership and problem-solving skills that integrate the importance of community service, through its 3 interlocking core programs:

  • Learn to Swim

  • Beach Awareness

  • GO2 Bike Program

San Juan Capistrano Rotary is proud to support Great Opportunities programs.


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