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House to Home

The 2024 Corazón House Build Team celebrates the completion of another new house near Tecate, BC, Mexico
The 2024 Corazón House Build Team celebrates the completion of another new house near Tecate, BC, Mexico

As the sun rose over Tecate, Mexico, on a recent Saturday, around fifty Rotarians and volunteers, drawn from different clubs in District 5320 and led by John Perry from Yorba Linda Rotary, united for a common purpose. Working with Corazón, they were there to build a home in a single day for a deserving family. But as they soon discovered, they were also there to build something much larger—a sense of community and a realization of shared potential that fosters global understanding and goodwill.

From the moment they arrived via bus, the lot buzzed with a sense of cooperative spirit and anticipation. The day wasn’t just about the tangible—nails, hammers, paint, plywood and wooden beams—it was about creating an environment where dreams could flourish and stability could be a reality for a deserving family. As a Rotarian, I’ve always believed in the power of vocational service and leadership, and with a Corazón house build, these principles come to life in the most hands-on way possible.

Each strike of the hammer was a testament to Rotarian dedication, a physical manifestation of their commitment to making a difference. This wasn’t just a house; it was a future made possible through fellowship. For new house builders like Jon and his partner Aubrey, the day was an eye-opening experience into the world of Rotary. Others on the team are veterans of many trips who return year after year.

By the day’s end, as the team stood around the nearly finished home, it was clear they had constructed much more than four walls and a roof. They had laid down the groundwork for enduring connections across cultures and communities.

Corazón team leader John Perry dedicates the home to the new owners.

This project is a vivid illustration of how Rotary's service missions enhance our sense of belonging to a bigger, better world. The shared experiences of this day, the laughter mingled with the sounds of construction, and the collective tired yet joyful faces at sunset—all these elements forge a bond among us, a reminder of the warmth and fulfillment that comes from serving others.

Each time we engage in projects like this, we return home enriched, carrying with us not just memories but an invigorated commitment to our Rotary ideals. In building a house, we construct a microcosm of the world we strive to create—one built on the pillars of community, understanding, and shared humanity.


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