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Selective Service

Photo courtesy of Miami Rotary.

Why we're selective in inviting new members

As Rotarians, we understand the profound impact that our actions can have on the communities we serve. We recognize that our organization is only as strong as the individuals who comprise it, which is why we place great emphasis on carefully screening and inviting new members.

Each member who joins our club brings with them a unique set of values, experiences, and beliefs. By carefully vetting potential new members prior to inviting them to join, we ensure that those who join our ranks share our commitment to fellowship, integrity and service. The screening process doesn't create a Rotarian—it simply reveals the Rotarian spirit that is already within.

Imagine if we had admitted someone whose motivations for joining Rotary were primarily self-serving. Perhaps they saw membership as a means to expand their professional network or enhance their reputation in the community or improve their resumé. While these may be valid goals, they do not necessarily align with the ethos of Rotary. By carefully screening potential members, we can ensure that our club remains true to its core values and mission.

But why is this level of scrutiny necessary? Why not simply admit anyone who expresses an interest in joining? The answer lies in the impact that each member has on the collective identity of our club. Just as one bad apple can spoil the bunch, a member whose values are not in alignment with our own can undermine the integrity and effectiveness of our organization as a whole.

Furthermore, as Rotarians, we have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of Rotary International and the Rotary brand. By admitting individuals who embody the principles of fellowship, integrity, diversity, and service, we not only strengthen our club but also contribute to the positive perception of Rotary within our communities.

In essence, the careful screening of new members is about more than just safeguarding the integrity of our club—it's about ensuring that we continue to make a meaningful, effective and lasting impact in the world. By welcoming individuals who share our values and vision, we empower ourselves to effect positive change and inspire others to do the same.

So the next time you wonder why your club screens new members so carefully, remember that it's not about exclusion or elitism—it's about upholding the ideals and principles that define us as Rotarians. By staying true to our values, we ensure that Rotary remains a beacon of hope, service, and fellowship for generations to come.


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