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SJC Rotary's Golf Tournament 2023

Empowering Rotary Projects and Honoring Our Marines

The 2023 San Juan Capistrano Rotary Club's Golf Tournament, held at the beautiful San Juan Hills Golf Club on June 16, was more than a showcase of golfing prowess. It was an event that reflected the heart of the community, focusing on local and youth projects, while also honoring the brave Marines stationed at nearby Camp Pendleton.

A Day on the Greens at San Juan Hills Golf Club

The tournament took place at the esteemed San Juan Hills Golf Club, a venue that provides both a stunning backdrop and a challenging course. Golfers of various skill levels graced the fairways, engaging in friendly competition while supporting the community's most valuable projects. Participants started with the annual "Putting for Wine" contest. Hitting one of the more than 100 bottles, some valued at more than $100, meant claiming the bottle.

Serving the Community through Golf

Yet, the essence of the day was found in the tournament's mission: To foster local youth projects and support the myriad of projects of SJC Rotary. Proceeds from the event were funneled into initiatives designed to empower San Juan Capistrano's younger generation, including educational scholarships and various youth development programs.

Investing in the Future: The Scholarship Program

The Rotary Club's scholarship program, a significant beneficiary of the tournament, provides crucial financial aid to deserving high school seniors pursuing higher education. The support given through this scholarship represents a tangible investment in the community's future leaders.

Empowering Youth through Local Programs

The tournament's proceeds also support a wide array of local youth programs including Interact and RYLA. These initiatives aim to equip children and young adults with diverse skills, helping them grow, thrive, and become active contributors to their community.

Honoring Camp Pendleton's Marines

An exceptional feature of the tournament is the sponsorship of players from Camp Pendleton, one of the United States' most important Marine Corps bases, located just a short drive from San Juan Capistrano. This sponsorship offered a meaningful way for the community to express gratitude for the service of these brave individuals. Not only did it provide the Marines a day of recreation and camaraderie, but it also further bridged the connection between the base and the local community.

Looking Forward

The 2023 San Juan Capistrano Rotary's Golf Tournament truly encapsulated the spirit of 'Service Above Self.' The event was a grand success, highlighting the power of community collaboration, the importance of youth empowerment, and the respect and gratitude towards our Marines. The anticipation is already building for the next year's tournament, with hopes of creating an even bigger impact on the community and its youth.

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