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The solutions business

Rotary's first project - building "comfort stations" (toilets) in downtown Chicago.

Being part of Rotary isn't just about writing checks or raising funds (though those are important too), it's about rolling up our sleeves and working together to create innovative solutions. Rotary is so much more than just a fundraising arm for non-profits or NGOs.

Sure, fundraising is a vital aspect of what we do, but it's not the sole purpose. The real joy in Rotary comes from collaborating with diverse minds, pooling our resources, and brainstorming new ideas to tackle pressing issues in our communities and beyond.

The very first service project in Rotary history was about building "comfort stations" in Chicago? And no, we're not talking about cozy lounges or relaxation spots. These "comfort stations" were actually bathrooms! The idea was to attract more female shoppers to downtown Chicago by providing clean, accessible facilities for them.

Back in those days, the lack of public restrooms for women could be a real barrier to their participation in public life. By addressing this basic need, Rotary pioneers weren't just improving convenience—they were promoting both gender equality and economic development in their community.

The Rotary spirit is thinking outside the box and tackling problems head-on. Instead of simply accepting the status quo, these early Rotarians identified a problem and came up with a practical solution that benefited everyone.

Fast forward to today, and that same innovative spirit continues to drive Rotary clubs around the world. Whether it's building schools in underserved communities, providing clean water to remote villages, or promoting health and sanitation initiatives, Rotary remains committed to finding creative ways to make a positive impact.

Rotary isn't here to simply write checks and move on. We're here collaborate on innovative solutions, get our hands dirty, and work together to make a real difference in the world.

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