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Tijuana Kids in Need get New Shoes

What a great day it was for our Shoes for Souls project. We gave out hundreds of shoes and backpacks to the kids, and they had smiles from ear to ear as the came forward to get them. Eleven SJC Rotarians made the trip to Tijuana where they walked across. They were met by Maurilio Melendez of Rotary E-Club Noroeste Global that provided bus transportation to the school where the shoes were handed out to hundreds of kids. His club also provided the much appreciated hospitality at his home in Tijuana before the members began the trek home.

A BIG thanks to Louie Marano and Jeanne Walker for their efforts to coordinate this project. Additionally, a BIG thanks to Jeff Nicols and Brendan Harrington of Capistrano Valley Toyota for providing the transportation to the border and back.


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