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Two Pills. One Life

The Hidden Danger at Your Teen's Next Party

At a recent gathering, Travis, a bright and promising student, made a choice that proved fatal. A popular and athletic kid, Travis was simply trying to fit in with his friends at a party, not knowing that this decision would cost him his life.

During the California Youth Services fundraising gala, Sheriff Don Barnes of Orange County delivered a chilling message: nearly all illicit pills now contain fentanyl. These pills, often disguised as common medications, are produced by cartel-operated "pill mills" in Mexico with no regard for safety or quality. Despite appearing legitimate, these drugs are incredibly lethal; just a small dose can be deadly.

California Youth Services is at the forefront of combating this crisis. Their programs, such as the J.A.D.E. (Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Education) initiative, offer crucial education for both adolescents and parents about the dangers of drug abuse. Additionally, CYS offers Monitored Drug Testing, a program available to schools with voluntary drug testing policies. This not only helps teens stand firm against peer pressure but also acts as a safety net by ensuring any drug use is quickly detected.

CYS also provides comprehensive counseling services and numerous resources to support families navigating these challenges. It's a community effort to safeguard our youth, and every bit of support counts. SJC Rotarians Carlos Aguilar, Mike Darnold and Tami Wilhelm help lead the CYS effort through their involvement on the Board of Directors.

Together, we can protect our youth and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to make safe choices. Join us in this vital cause—your support can save lives.

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4 days ago

This is a great insight to all of us parents and Rotarians allover the world. It is our duty to protect all the youth around us and this will give a good generation to come.

I can say i was lucky to get on the emailing list of your rotary club, i am really learning a lot and sharing it back here with my rotary club of Mukono, Uganda District 9213.

I am so grateful,

RTN James Mwere


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