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A love letter

Dear SJC Rotary Club Sponsors,

We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt love and gratitude for all that you do. You are the pillars of strength in our community, supporting and upholding our mission with unwavering dedication. Your stability and resilience provide the foundation upon which we build our initiatives and outreach programs.

You are also the bridges of opportunity, providing resources with needs and creating pathways to success for so many. Your efforts open doors that might otherwise remain closed, and your vision and compassion light the way for those who are struggling to find their footing.

You embody the spirit of giving, demonstrating time and again that when we come together, we can make a real difference. Your generosity is the lifeblood of our club, and we are constantly in awe of your commitment to helping others.

Our community projects are a testament to your dedication. The Family Assistance Ministries impacts homelessness by providing food, shelter, and counseling, bridging the gap from dependency to self-sufficiency. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center serves people of all ages with disabilities, including veterans with PTSD, through healing interactions with horses. The Friends of the Library promotes literacy through multiple programs, enriching lives with the joy of reading. You make this possible.

In support of the United States Marine Corps, our SJC Rotary Club proudly assists the Marines and families at Camp Pendleton by providing holiday meals and maintaining the Battalion Ceremonial Gardens. We also collect food to provide Thanksgiving dinners for enlisted Marine families. You make this possible.

Our environmental efforts are spearheaded by the SJC Rotary Environmental Committee, which plants trees, holds regular litter cleanups, and builds and maintains organic garden facilities for community housing for those with disabilities. You make this possible.

Our youth projects are equally impactful. The Boys and Girls Club of Capistrano Valley offers quality programs for academic success and healthy lifestyles. Creer Comunidad y Familia provides after-school tutoring and summer programs for K-12 students. The AVID Club helps students overcome obstacles and achieve success, while the Soroptimist empowers women and girls through education and training. Our Interact Clubs develop leadership skills in students aged 12-18, and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) provide an intensive leadership experience for high schoolers. Programs like Active Discovery, Great Opportunities, and the LA Marathon promote literacy, physical fitness, and life skills. California Youth Services offers education, crisis intervention, and counseling for families facing substance abuse, behavioral, and mental health challenges. You make this possible.

Our international projects extend our reach beyond borders. Each year, we bring more than $100,000 worth of free dental and vision services to hundreds of needy children in Mexico through our Ensenada Dental/Vision Clinic. We provided second-hand US firefighting equipment, including a fire truck, to an indigenous village in northern Mexico. The annual Corazon House Build sees Rotarians traveling to Mexico to build a house in a single day for a deserving family. We support over 700 ethnic children in Vietnam through the Friends of Vinh Son Orphanages, while Los Barilles Rotary supports a mobile school library for underserved communities in the Baja peninsula. You make this possible.

To our annual sponsors—Capistrano Valley Toyota, Capistrano Mazda, Capistrano Volkswagen, Cefali & Cefali, San Juan Hills Golf Club, Stephanie Frisch, Chris & Shirley Hull, Almquist Development, Santa Monica Water District, Advanced Real Estate Services, and Docent Brewery—your support is invaluable. Your continuing support and contributions enable us to give back to the community and the world in ways that have a lasting impact. You help us turn our aspirations into reality, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

Together, we are building a stronger, more connected, and more compassionate world. Thank you for being the pillars and bridges that make this possible.

With heartfelt love and appreciation,

The members of San Juan Capistrano Rotary

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Jun 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you everyone who gives and supports Rotary.

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