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A Motorized Wheelchair for Marko

Eight-year old Marko Sanchez was run over by a car while playing outside his house. He was dragged underneath the vehicle for fifty feet, resulting in internal injuries and numerous broken bones.

Marko needed a motorized wheelchair for transport to treatment, rehabilitation and therapy.

Marko comes home to start his journey of recovery.

Maurilio Melendez of our partner club, Rotary E-Club Noroeste Global in Tijuana, asked for our help in financing the purchase of a specialized chair. This is our partner club in our annual “Shoes For Souls” project and the PPE Covid 19 project for the Tijuana hospital.

The wheelchair prior to maintenance and refurbishment.

Delivery of Marko's chair.

SJC Rotary members "passed the hat" and in a single meeting, raised the needed funds to purchase the wheelchair and future medical supplies. The Tijuana club handled the maintenance, delivery and setup of the chair.

Marko's prognosis is hopeful. It looks like he may recover to be 85% active in his future, although the ability to use his left leg is still in doubt. His skull got modified in shape and is causing severe pain and headaches; those are the worst issues.

Besides the chair, Marko needs special food and specialized in-home treatment. His mother, a single mom, had to quit her job to take care of Marko.


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