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A Polio Birthday

Last year, I wrote about a bittersweet birthday with my twin brother, who passed away in January. This year, I'd like to dedicate my birthday to wiping out polio. Both my sisters had polio as children. Both are Rotarians who have inspired my Rotary journey.

On August 16th, I will turn 77. Instead of a traditional celebration, I'd like your help to continue our fight to eradicate polio.

It would be really amazing if each of you donated either your age (??) or mine (77) to The Rotary Foundation's effort to help eradicate polio.

Please do it in your name, not mine. It's important to help those children who are still at risk of contracting polio. Without our unwavering commitment, this menace could resurface.

Every donation, regardless of its size, propels us closer to a polio-free world. Please join me in this fight against polio by donating here:

Together, we can make a polio-free world a reality.


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