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Adventure Van Life

The sun was shining brightly as the Adventure Van Expo opened to the public. The show was held at the Mission Viejo Riding Park, and it was packed with people eager to see the latest and greatest in adventure vans.

There were vans of all shapes and sizes, from small camper vans to large 4x4 rigs. Some of the vans were built out with all the amenities you could need for a long-term road trip, while others were more basic. But no matter what your budget or style, there was sure to be a van at the expo that was perfect for you.

In addition to the vans, there were also a number of vendors selling accessories and gear for van life. You could find everything from solar panels and water tanks to coffee brewing and camping gear.

SJC Rotarians manned the Docent Brewing Beer booth and satellite VW Bar Van to relieve attendees thirst. A variety of food trucks kept the hunger pangs away. Event sponsors were treated to special VIP Parking and a VIP tent with catered food and beverage.

The SJC Rotary Adventure Van Expo was a great place to learn more about van life and to get inspired to hit the road. If you're thinking about buying a van or taking a van trip, be sure to check out the Adventure Van Expo next year.

San Juan Capistrano Rotary Club is a non-profit organization that provides service to the community. The proceeds from the expo go to support the club's charitable work.



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