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Big Bay Boom!

San Diego's "Big Bay Boom" held each Independence Day has roots that run deep into the community's heart, sparked by a vision to bring the festivity of July 4th to the Big Bay in a way that hadn't been seen before. Sandy Purdon, a Marine veteran and OCS/Basic School classmate of mine and fellow Rotarian in San Diego Rotary is a local marina owner with ties to the Port District. He was part of Dennis Connor's America's Cup effort and knows how to achieve challenging goals. Sandy saw an opportunity to transform the waterfront into a stage for unity and celebration. The Big Bay Boom has since evolved, becoming a testament to collaboration, community spirit, and the recognition of military families' sacrifices.

The Big Bay Boom isn't just a fireworks show; it's a grand salute to the families who stand behind our service heroes, illuminating the skies over San Diego in a spectacle of light and sound. With the picturesque North Bay as its canvas, the event is a vibrant tribute to the strength and sacrifice of military families, benefiting the Armed Services YMCA’s crucial programs for those who give so much.

Imagine the sky above San Diego's North Bay, coming alive in a blaze of colors and shapes, synchronized to a soundtrack that moves the soul. This isn't your average fireworks display. It’s the West Coast's most monumental July 4th celebration, drawing half a million people into a shared experience of awe and gratitude. From the strategic barge positions around the bay to the choreographed pyrotechnics dancing to music aired live, every detail is crafted to honor the spirit of those who serve and their families.

With the Armed Services YMCA at its core, the event goes beyond spectacle, directly supporting programs that address the unique challenges faced by military personnel and their families. It's a celebration where every burst of color in the sky reflects our collective gratitude and support for those who serve. Over the past 23 years, the show has raised more than $1.2 million for the ASYMCA.

So, when the night sky over San Diego's Big Bay lights up this July 4th, remember it's more than just a fireworks show. It's a community coming together in support and celebration of its heroes and their families. It's a reminder of the vibrant spirit of San Diego, a city that knows how to celebrate freedom, honor sacrifice, and support each other. Be part of this magnificent salute to our service heroes and their families. Hoist a glass to salute our veterans and make a donation to veterans in need.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Armed Forces YMCA to help our veterans, here's a link:


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