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Empowering Solutions

The easy to use MoneyMaker hip pump makes it possible to hand irrigate up to an acre a day.
The easy to use MoneyMaker hip pump makes it possible to hand irrigate up to an acre a day.

Martin Fisher and Nick Moon were no strangers to the limitations of traditional aid in Africa. They saw firsthand how well-intended donations often left communities with broken water systems and a perpetual reliance on outside help. This observation led them to a crucial realization: real transformation doesn't come from mere handouts; it requires a shift in mindset towards self-reliance and empowerment.

Fuelled by this insight, they founded ApproTEC in 1991, which later evolved into KickStart. Martin viewed poverty through the lens of an engineering problem, ripe for innovative solutions. He found that providing people with tools to increase their income would not only meet their basic needs but also enable them to realize their dreams. This vision laid the foundation for KickStart's mission to empower rather than create dependency. To create a way out of poverty.

KickStart's strategy was both straightforward and revolutionary. They developed affordable tools, like the $34 MoneyMaker Hip Pump, with the ability to irrigate up to an acre a day, turned smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs. The story of Felix Mururi, a Kenyan farmer, epitomizes their success. With the help of the hip pump, Felix transformed his modest farm into a profitable venture, quickly recovering his investment and expanding his operations.

However, KickStart's influence extends far beyond individual success stories. By making their products available in local stores, they have bolstered entire communities. To date, they have helped start over 160,000 businesses and lifted more than 800,000 people out of poverty, promoting dignity and economic independence.

The organization isn't resting on its laurels. With initiatives like solar-powered pumps and innovative financing models, KickStart is determined to expand its reach. Having sold over 230,000 pumps and boosted farm incomes by an average of 500%, they demonstrate the profound impact simple, scalable solutions can have.

KickStart's success offers a powerful blueprint for rethinking how we approach aid. It challenges us to collaborate with local innovators, develop empowering solutions, and drive sustainable progress. By embracing this model, we can redefine aid, turning it from a story of dependency into one of empowerment and dignity. To create a world where poverty is seen not as an inescapable condition but as a challenge that can be overcome with creativity and determination.


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