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Ensenada Free Dental & Vision Clinic

Rotarians from San Juan Capistrano, Irvine, Manteca and Ensenada Calafia gathered at a new primary school near Maneadero, BC Mexico to provide more than $45,000 in free dental and vision services.

Organized by Irvine Rotary and Dental Care for Children, the free clinic, held twice a year since 2004, takes over a different elementary school each trip. Setting up a dozen dental stations and an eye clinic, all of the children and some of the parents needs are addressed pro-bono.

Five dentists are joined by dental school students from Loma Linda Dental School who gain valuable experience and credit for required service hours.

In addition, members of the Club Rotario Ensenada Calafia collected clothes and other items to be distributed to the local families. They also planted trees that will grow to surround the future sports field.

2022_03_26_Ensenada Rotary
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