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Guerrilla Marketing

This is an example of a fun, low-cost guerrilla marketing campaign from SJC Rotary member Dave Koffs.

He created an ad/flyer with a picture of him as a teen with the following message;

In 1973 (the same year I graduated from Laguna Beach High School) I was “expelled for life” for having too much fun in Emerald Bay. Growing up in Laguna, some of my favorite memories were going to Emerald Bay and enjoying all the great activities that were offered.
Well…a lot has happened since then. I went off to college, traveled the world and began my career doing something I really had a passion for; helping people with their real estate needs.
I would sincerely love the opportunity to be invited back to Emerald Bay and put my skills and professional connections together for you.
I have thirty years of hands-on knowledge (and lots of recommendations) making your home buying or selling experience a great one.
David Koffs


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