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Rotary Peace Centers—The Seeds of Peace Sprout Globally

In 1999, Rotary set up its first Peace Center at the University of Bradford in the U.K., focusing on peace and conflict resolution. Now, with seven centers around the globe, these institutions are shaping the next generation of peacemakers, proving that when it comes to building peace, Rotary takes the long view.

Water for Life—More Than Just a Drop in the Bucket

The year was 2004. Rotarians from the U.S. and Canada decided it was time to tackle the global water crisis. The "Water for Life" program emerged, initially modest in scope but monumental in ambition. Today, the initiative spans continents, involving Rotary clubs globally and bringing clean water to millions in developing countries.

ShelterBox—A Box Full of Hope

When Rotarian Tom Henderson and his wife Joan founded ShelterBox in 2000, they were motivated by a simple yet compelling mission: provide immediate shelter to those displaced by disasters or conflict. Two decades later, this organization has reached over 1.5 million people across 100 countries. The power of a single good idea, nurtured within Rotary, knows no bounds.

End Malaria—From Local Battle to Global Crusade

Inspired by the severity of malaria's impact, a small team of African Rotarians initiated the "End Malaria" project in 2000. This small-scale initiative has since grown exponentially, uniting Rotary clubs and districts worldwide in a focused effort to drastically reduce malaria's heavy toll.

Turning the Tap in Nairobi Central

The Rotary Club in Nairobi Central had a simple vision: bring clean water to one local school. That idea has since rippled outward, reaching other schools and communities. Today, over 100,000 Kenyans can access clean water, all because one Rotary club acted on their local knowledge.

The Million-Dollar Scholarships of San Rafael

The Rotary Club of San Rafael, California, saw a pressing need: local high schoolers dreaming of college but lacking the resources. What began as a scholarship program for one school has now distributed over $1 million across multiple districts in the United States.

Restoring Sight from Chennai Midtown to the World

Initially, the Rotary Club of Chennai Midtown wanted to offer free eye surgery to those who couldn't afford it. Their initiative has now restored vision to over a million people globally. It's a vivid reminder that Rotary clubs don't just see problems—they envision solutions, and they act on them.

These stories aren't anomalies; they're part of Rotary's DNA. Every project starts with a single club's commitment to change, nurtured by Rotary's fertile environment of diversity, fellowship, and expertise. When these initiatives take root, they grow beyond borders and have a life-changing impact on communities worldwide. The true reward? Knowing you're part of something much larger than yourself, something that's making the world a better place, one project at a time.

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In the late 90's We in the Del Mar Rotary club wanted to create something that showed the public what Rotary was doing to stop Polio. the plan was to create a bumper sticker, a small one that one could put on the rear window of a car. "Good Bye Polio Thanks Rotary" was selected. We offered them to all Rotarians in our District #5340 and the next thing we saw was requests for them from all over the world. Since 1997 we have sold (at cost) over 400,000. a recent picture that we have received showed the bumper sticker on the window of an old Toyota truck in Katmandu. Rotary Is still Bottoms up! Clubs are the…

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