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Notable Rotarian Women

Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize for Medicine - Isolated the AIDS virus (Rotary Club of La Rochelle-Aunis, France) – “We make science for the benefit of humanity.” “I made up my mindset that I will try and show that women can study science and also do a good job at it.”

Dianne Feinstein, US Senator from California (Rotary Club of San Francisco) – “America is big enough to admit when it's wrong and confident enough to learn from its mistakes.” “Once you sacrifice your rights, it’s hard to get those rights protected again.” “An inflated balloon – impressive to look at but hollow at the core and easily punctured.”

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (Rotary Club of Stralsunc-Hansestadt, Berlin, Germany) – “There is one red line that we should not cross. It is a commitment to human rights, the respect of the dignity of the human being. There should be no compromises.” “For me, it is always important that I go through all the possible options for a decision.” “Freedom does not mean being free of something, but to be free to do something.”

Lorraine H. Morton, Mayor of Evanston, Illinois (Rotary Club of Evanston) – “I’ve always been me. If I make a decision and it is my decision and if it’s wrong, I can correct it or apologize for it. But if I do something because somebody else told me to do something, it becomes hard to straighten it out… Stand by what you believe in.”

Jennifer Jones, First Woman Rotary International President 2022-2023 (Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada) "A good story can open people's hearts and minds, and touch their souls." "In Rotary, we know that our differences really are our strengths. It's our diverse perspective that helps us to tackle the world's most pressing challenges."


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