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Rotary Compensation

Sometimes people wonder if Rotarians are paid for their service. The simple answer is "YES." But Rotarians aren't paid in money. Here are just a few of the ways we're compensated:

We're paid in gratitude from parents for making sure their child doesn't get Polio.

We're paid with the smiles of kids getting Christmas gifts at our annual Santa Visit.

We're paid in helping provide clean water via With My Own 2 Hands.

We're paid with the excitement of kids receiving new shoes at our Shoes for Soles project in Tijuana, Mexico.

We're paid with smiles from kids with disabilities at the Shea Center for Therapeutic Riding.

We're paid by knowing we are keeping kids safe from burns by providing safer stoves via StoveTeam International.

We're paid by building a house in a day for a deserving family in Tecate, Mexico.

We're paid by helping "at risk" kids in our local schools.

We're paid by supporting malaria elimination by funding community health workers who also do health checkups and distribute mosquito nets via Malaria Partners International and Rotary International.

We're paid by helping Ukrainian refugees with $40,000 provided by SJC Rotarians via Rotary International's Disaster grants program.

We add meaning to our lives and fill our hearts with joy by knowing we've made a difference in so many different ways. In so many different places and with so many different programs and projects we support.

Thank you for helping us help others.


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