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Service at CRGLC

Thanks to a Matching Grant from Rotary International and club funds, San Juan Capistrano Rotary members installed nine metal planters at CRGLC on January 8, 2022. Twelve SJC Rotary members, along with CRGLC volunteers set the planters within the garden and backfilled them with gravel and compost.

CRGLC is a garden and learning center for students from the following programs within Capistrano Unified School District:

● Adult Transition Program

● Bridges Community Day School

● Continued Learning Adult Special Services.

CRGLC serves as a work site for community based activities and a therapeutic area for students with special needs, grades 9-12 and continuing adult learners. SJC Rotarians have been so kind to offer grants to our programs in the past and to volunteer their services to our program. This new project will continue to develop CRGLC by extending the planters (stock tanks) out into the common area of the garden and along the fence lines. It will offer more students opportunities to use the area as a work site and therapeutic area.


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