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SJC Rotary Garners Top Honors

Citizen of the Year Larry Kramer

The San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce held its 67th Annual Installation Awards & Banquet last night, and two recipients of prestigious awards came from the same organization: The Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano. Larry Kramer, a past president of the club and former mayor of the city, was named “Citizen of the Year," while the SJC Rotary, under the leadership of Carlos Aguilar, earned the coveted title of "Non-profit Organization of the Year."

Known for his unwavering dedication to community service and environmental efforts, Kramer was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the local community, not just in the past year, but throughout his tenure of service.

His work, characterized by a heartfelt dedication to making San Juan Capistrano a better place to live, work, and play, spans multiple decades and avenues. From orchestrating local community events, helping local schools, to initiating environmental protection campaigns, Kramer's impact on the community has been broad and significant.

The Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano was fittingly named "Non-profit Organization of the Year". This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated exceptional service to the community, reflecting the Rotary's enduring commitment to its core values of service, integrity, and fellowship.

Over the past year SJC Rotary continued serving the San Juan Capistrano with high-impact projects, including countless youth programs under the guidance of Mike Darnold, scholarships, SJC Creek clean-up, directed by Tom Hribar, support for the military and projects for low-income families. The club’s wide-ranging initiatives not only reflect the diverse needs of the community but also the broad talents and resources of its members.

The Chamber of Commerce commended the steadfast dedication and positive impact on the local community. The award underscores the importance of volunteerism and community involvement, both of which are core tenets of the Rotary Club's mission.

As San Juan Capistrano navigates its future, it will continue to lean on the contributions of its community leaders and organizations like San Juan Capistrano Rotary. The Chamber's recognition of Larry Kramer and the SJC Rotary Club reaffirms the power of committed individuals and groups to make significant, positive change in their local communities. It serves as an inspiration for others to engage in service and contribute to the collective betterment of San Juan Capistrano.


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