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Sparking Youth Leadership!

Mike Darnold, the founder of District 5320 RYLA, with a group of participants.
Mike Darnold, the founder of District 5320 RYLA, with a group of participants.

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program, starting April 14th, ignites a passion for leadership and service among high school juniors. This isn't just any retreat; it's a melting pot of potential where young minds from across District 5320 come together to forge their path as tomorrow's leaders.

RYLA offers an enriching environment that blends rigorous leadership training with ethical decision-making exercises. The program’s core lies in its ability to transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills through hands-on workshops and team-building challenges. Imagine stepping into a place where the air buzzes with enthusiasm and the high-ropes course becomes a metaphor for overcoming life's obstacles. This is where students discover their true leadership potential, guided by the wisdom and experience of seasoned Rotarians and renowned guest speakers.

The spirit of RYLA resonates with Rotary’s foundational principle: 'Service Above Self'. This ethos permeates the program, inspiring participants to internalize and live out the values of community service and altruistic leadership. Through this journey, they learn not only to lead but to serve with humility and integrity, ready to make tangible changes in their communities.

But what truly sets RYLA Orange County apart is the community it builds. Beyond just a leadership training program, RYLA is a crucible where enduring connections are formed. These relationships, cultivated in a challenging but nurturing environment, lay the groundwork for a resilient network of young change-makers, all united by a shared vision of a better future. Each graduating RYLA camp plants the seeds for the next, as camp alumni from one camp are in charge of the next one. They even have their own dedicated website.

The ripple effect of RYLA extends far beyond the event itself. Alumni carry the torch forward, bringing innovative solutions and positive change to their schools, communities, and various spheres of influence. Yet, the continued success of RYLA Orange County hinges on the generous support and sponsorship from the Rotary clubs within District 5320.

Investing in RYLA means nurturing a new generation of leaders who are equipped, inspired, and motivated to lead with a service-oriented mindset. Sponsorship is more than a financial commitment; it's an investment in the future, fostering a leadership landscape that's rich in integrity, service, and community spirit.

By supporting RYLA, we are collectively fueling a movement of proactive, ethical, and dynamic leadership. Let's come together to empower these young leaders, enabling them to drive meaningful change and sculpt a future where community, integrity, and service are not just ideals, but the hallmarks of effective leadership.


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Apr 03

Excelente iniciativa, la formación y capacitación constante de los jóvenes es una apuesta al futuro...Dejar bases solidas es un propósito clave para todo líder


Apr 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

An amazing program for young adults.

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