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Values in Action

SJC Rotary Interact members packing food boxes for Thanksgiving.

The buzz of a Rotary meeting isn't just noise—it's the sound of purpose. Our motto, "Service Above Self," isn't a lofty ideal; it's our daily fuel.

I've seen it transform lives, including my own. It's not about martyrdom, but finding strength in responsibility. It's the spark that turns personal ambition into collective impact.

Sure, balancing Rotary's values with our own can be tricky. I've wrestled with it, juggling work, family, and service. But here's the secret: when we align with Rotary's ideals, everything else falls into place.

We're not just talkers; we're doers. From local Thanksgiving food drives, to Interact clubs and RYLA for our youth, to Dental and Vision Clinics, to helping Marine families, we roll up our sleeves and make things happen. It's about meaningful action, not empty promises.

Leadership in Rotary? It's not about the spotlight. Our best leaders listen more than they speak, lifting others as they climb. It's humility over ego, and it's powerful.

These values aren't just words on a page—they're the DNA of who we are. They challenge us, shape us, and connect us to something bigger than ourselves.

In a world that often feels fractured, Rotary's values are a unifying force. They remind us of our shared humanity and our power to create change. It's not just about making a difference—it's about being the difference.

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Jul 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A well written truth.

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