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Creative People

Creative minds have a unique way of seeing the world, and working with them is an invigorating experience. Having had the chance to work with some outstanding talents, I want to share just a few examples of the fun and magic they've brought into my life.

Jim deYong for Star Cork

Jim deYong founded one of the top ad agencies in Southern California. His approach to advertising is always refreshing, thanks to his knack for incorporating humor into his work. His ads are never just sales pitches; they're engaging and fun to read. Jim has the ability to make you chuckle, smile, and even think, all within the few seconds it takes to glance at an ad. His travel blog is a masterclass in creative travel writing.

Scott Montgomery for In-N-Out

Scott Montgomery, a legendary Creative Director, once created a billboard for In-N-Out. The headline read, “What you’re doing right now, that’s called hyperventilating.” It was not just a sign; it was a statement, brimming with confidence and a touch of humor. Another In-N-Out ad read “Makes strong vegetarians weak.”

Pia Tinsley, Lofte Creative

Pia Tinsley is the founder and Creative Director at Lofte Creative. She has an extraordinary talent for creating marketing materials for the hospitality industry. Pia designs smart creative pieces that helps her clients prosper. You see her work everywhere. From BJ's to Elephant Bar, to CPK and Mimi's Cafe, she understands and conveys the essence of true hospitality.

Don Bonsey for Snowball Express

Don Bonsey's photography goes beyond the visual to tap into emotions. His images evoke feelings, regardless of the subject. Whether it's a landscape or a close-up, Don's work invites you to feel, not just look. He manages to capture the unseen, the unspoken, and the unfelt, all within the frame of a photograph.

Creative individuals like Scott, Jim, Pia and Don, who have all worked with the most well-known companies in the world, bring a refreshing and novel perspective their work. Their unique outlook and skills can turn ordinary projects into extraordinary experiences.

They remind me that creativity isn't confined to arts and crafts; it's an essential ingredient in business, innovation, and life itself. Working with them and others like Melinda Mullis, Mike Dula and Wendy Blackband has been a fun and enriching experience. Their creativity continues to inspire and entertain me.

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Nov 07, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Funny. I especially enjoyed the gnarled cork reference.

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