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Not just old white men

For many decades, Rotarians were perceived as as "just a bunch of old white men" who have lunch every week while listening to boring speakers.

Here are just a notable few of the 1.4 million Rotarians who don't fit that stereotype:

Astronauts Neil Armstrong & Frank Borman

U.K. Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher

Walt Disney

Thomas Edison

U.S. Presidents Warren Harding, Woodrow Wilson and John F. Kennedy

Senator William Fulbright

Prince Rainier III of Monaco

Explorers Thor Heyerdahl, Admiral Richard Byrd and Sir Edmund Hillary

Generals George C. Marshall, John “Black Jack” Pershing and Douglas MacArthur

Physicians Charles Mayo (Mayo Clinic), Albert Schweitzer

Orville Wright

Justice Earl Warren

Explorers, world leaders, judges, military leaders, doctors, princes and inventors. Great company!


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