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Shoes for Souls 2022

Shoes for Souls is a long-time International Project of San Juan Capistrano Rotary in partnership with the Rotary E-Club Noroeste Global in Tijuana. For many years our club has provided a new pair of shoes to needy students at a middle school and a high school in Tijuana.

This project was re-named the "Carlos Harrison Shoes for Souls project" in memory of one of our club’s great humanitarians, who was one of the first “founders” of the project and an active participant in the annual distribution for many years. Almost every member of SJC Rotary is participating by donating money for the purchase of these shoes.

Each pair of shoes costs $15 USD, and this year our club is donating 519 pairs of shoes.

Additionally the Yorba Linda Rotary Club has donated $2000 toward this amazing project.

A group of Rotarians from our club will travel to Tijuana on December 10, 2022 to participate in the delivery of the shoes to the students and share in hospitality with the Rotary E-Club Noroeste Global.


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