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Suing the Mouse

A business friend of mine, who once navigated the bustling corridors of the Disneyland Hotel as a manager, had the golden keys to an enchanted evening that was supposed to be etched in our memories for all the right reasons. He extended an invitation for an exclusive dinner at Club 33, a name that whispered secrets and luxury in Disneyland, for us and our dates. The anticipation was as thick as the velvet ropes that separated the mere mortals from the select few who dined within its hallowed walls.

Dressed to the nines, we sauntered through the park, our laughter mingling with the air that buzzed with magic and dreams. Our dinner was nothing short of a culinary voyage, a feast fit for royalty, leaving us in awe of the flavors and the exclusivity of our surroundings.

With our spirits high and our senses delighted, we meandered towards the castle, drawn by the promise of the Electric Light Parade, a spectacle of lights and music that promised to cap off a perfect evening. We found ourselves amidst a throng of equally eager onlookers, our feet leading us to a cemented vantage point by the flower beds, ensuring an unobstructed view of the impending show.

The night took an unexpected turn when a security guard approached, his demeanor clashing with the whimsical surroundings. Despite the sea of people around us mirroring our actions, he singled us out, insisting we vacate our spot. My friend, ever the diplomat, attempted to reason with him, pointing out the obvious. The guard retreated, only to return with a determination that shocked us all. His approach was swift and without warning, a startling contrast to the fairy tale setting around us, as he tackled us to the ground, shattering the evening's enchantment.

The aftermath was a blur of confusion and disbelief, park personnel swiftly surrounding us, a barrier between us and any potential witnesses of this unwarranted assault. Despite the chaos, my friend's presence of mind to involve the Anaheim police brought a semblance of order, allowing us to report the incident formally.

Our attorney, a friend from high school, took our case on a pro-bono basis just to be able to brag he’d sued Disney. The journey that followed was a legal labyrinth, revealing our assailant to be a Marine from El Toro, moonlighting as security in the very place that promised joy and laughter. The battle that ensued ended in a semblance of victory. The guard was fired for his actions, and we were compensated for our tarnished evening and damaged attire.

In the end, what was meant to be a night of enchantment at Disneyland took a detour into the unexpected, reminding me that even in the most magical of kingdoms, reality can intrude in the most startling of ways. We walked away with a story that was far from the fairy tale we expected, yet rich with the reminder that the story is sometimes more memorable than a normal visit to Disneyland.

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Excellent, Ray, thank you for sharing. - Allen McLean

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