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Ultimate Networking

SJC Rotary members in 2019.

Walking into my first Rotary meeting many years ago felt like stepping onto a stage without knowing my lines. The room buzzed with the energy of accomplished professionals from every conceivable field. Yet, as daunting as it was, the atmosphere quickly shifted. Warm smiles and firm handshakes melted away any apprehension, marking the beginning of a journey that would weave a rich tapestry of relationships and shared ventures.

Three clubs and many years later, my current club, the Rotary Club of San Juan Capistrano has become more than a network; it's an extended family. A collective of individuals, each wielding a unique set of skills, ready to tackle a spectrum of challenges. Our combined expertise means there's virtually no project beyond our reach.

Carlos is my go-to for navigating the complexities of Medicare, a testament to the diverse expertise within our ranks. Vic, a seasoned professor with stints at Stanford and UCLA and a prolific author, offers deep insights into the sociology of complex organizations. He and his Rotarian wife Pat, also have extensive experience with international projects. On financial planning matters, I can turn to Mark, Charlie, or Bob—the latter also shares riveting stories of flying Cobra helicopters in Vietnam.

Jeff's knowledge of toll road administration is unmatched, while Robert excels in retail solutions consulting. Karen shines in community service initiatives, embodying our shared commitment to making a difference.

Marc's company is at the forefront of 3D printing technology, producing innovative products that hint at the future. Bob, with his rich background in computer marketing, and Ken, a civil engineer, offer invaluable advice on project management applicable across various fields.

Tami enlightens us on commercial development, while Gary and Gina dissect the intricacies of modern auto dealership management. For construction insights, Ryan, John, and Jerry are our resident gurus.

Our expertise doesn't end there. Paul's marketing acumen, Marco's banking insights, and Darrel’s perspective on working NGOs further deepens our resource pool. Paul shares his knowledge of farming, John delves into aerospace innovations, and Kurt recounts his contributions to the Mars rover landings.

Jack, our IT wizard, Larry and Howard, with their naval experience in submarines and the intelligence fields, and Jerry, Tom, Paul, and Bob, who share sobering perspectives about warfighting, enrich our collective wisdom. Michael's successful restaurant accounting systems, Linda's publishing house, and Maureen's library work add layers to our diverse skill set.

With architects, pilots, real estate experts, and tech enthusiasts among us, like Cindy who manages city finances, and Steve and Paul who design landscapes and buildings, our expertise spans an impressive spectrum. Vanessa, a mortgage expert, helped me refinance my home, showcasing the practical benefits of our network.

Standing among friends at a Rotary meeting, I'm struck by the sheer breadth of professions and life stories gathered here. It's an unmatched networking opportunity far exceeding what can be found online, a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and support.

Our weekly gatherings are more than meetings; they're a celebration of fellowship, a time to share stories, unbridled fun, and where we plan our contributions to the community. In this family, we find not only support and friendship but a shared purpose to effect positive change in the world around us.

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LOve reading your emails! Very inspiring.

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