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What's in a name?

When a Rotary club name includes a specific geographic location, it can signal the area of service and influence – either a benefit or a limit. I originally joined "Irvine Spectrum Rotary," named for a smaller, more specific location of Irvine. A few years later, as President of the club, we decided to change the name to Irvine Rotary to open up a much larger area from which to attract members.

While we met early in the morning, we resisted adding "Sunrise" or "Breakfast" to the name to not limit our market area.

The name of a Rotary club is more than just a title; it's an important aspect of the club's identity and strategic positioning within the community. By choosing a name that reflects a broad geographic scope and considering removing the limitations of specific meeting times, clubs can maximize their appeal, attract a more diverse membership, and enhance their impact on the community.


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